KeyPad TouchScreen Ajax white keyboard

KeyPad TouchScreen Ajax white keyboard

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KeyPad TouchScreen Ajax white keyboard

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KeyPad TouchScreen Ajax white keyboard

Wireless keyboard with touch screen to control an Ajax system. KeyPad TouchScreen combines security and device management for the smart home. An intuitive Ajax app-like interface and several language options make it an easy-to-use solution. The large screen, DESFire and BLE technologies and code options guarantee a secure and efficient experience.

Easily manage the security of multiple areas. Users can view the armed room and make changes with a single touch, whether it is securing a single area, multiple areas, activating night mode or arming an entire system. It's all quick and easy to do.

The keyboard features a separate control board for automation devices, with a maximum capacity of 6 buttons. Areas simplify the process of controlling multiple automation devices: switches, relays, sockets and others. For example, users can assign all LightSwitches to a single button and easily turn off all the lights in the entire house when they go to bed.

Always stay informed thanks to the integrated buzzer, receiving notifications on alarms, door openings and entry/exit delays. PRO can smoothly adjust the sound volume on your smartphone or PC. Stay one step ahead with keyboard malfunction notifications during input.

Three authentication methods

The keyboard can be controlled in three simple ways, giving the user the flexibility to choose what is most convenient. All events appear in the event log and include user activity along with authentication details.

1. Smartphone: Keyboard control via your smartphone with the Ajax app. Only those approved by the administrator have access rights. BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is a low-energy radio protocol that allows you to use a smartphone instead of cards or key fobs. KeyPad TouchScreen supports Android and iOS smartphones with BLE version 4.2 or later. Users can configure access control settings. Data transmission between the smartphone and KeyPad TouchScreen is encrypted. The system prevents counterfeiting attempts, making it impossible for intruders to gain unauthorized access.

2. Pass Card and Tag Keychain: When someone uses the Pass Card or Tag Keychain, it is logged in the event log in the Ajax app. The system administrator may revoke or limit the access rights of the contactless access device at any time. To identify users quickly and securely, KeyPad TouchScreen features DESFire® technology. It is a better solution for contactless communication that allows you to identify the user by card or key fob. DESFire complies with the international standard ISO 14443 and combines full 128-bit encryption with replay protection. Such technology is also used in European capital transport systems and NASA access systems. From the user's perspective, contactless access works simply. To disarm the system, simply bring the card or key ring close to the keypad. But behind this simplicity there is amazing technology. Pass cards and Tag key fobs are equipped with DESFire chips. We compared them to the chips used in most access systems around the world.

3. Code: KeyPad TouchScreen supports keypad codes, personal codes, and codes for unregistered users. The system is protected against guessing of the access code by unauthorized persons. This helps improve security and ensure that only authorized users can access it. Users have the ability to change the access code remotely. At the same time, the access code used in the system is always hidden, that is, it is not visible to others when it is entered. This feature reduces the risk of the keyboard being stolen.

Contactless access devices

The Pass card and Tag keychain are equipped with original DESFire chips and have the same functionality but with different cases. You can choose the most convenient form for you. One Tag or Pass can manage up to 13 security systems.

Access for unregistered users

By simply assigning a personal access code in the hub settings, office employees, cleaners or other people can access the area with maximum convenience.

Complete protection in case of emergency

KeyPad TouchScreen offers a tab with configurable panic buttons that can notify three types of events. If the user is constable to disarm the system, can use a duress code. This simulates disarming and simultaneously sends an alarm to the security company.

Unique touch screen

A 5" high-resolution screen has all the necessary controls, ensuring a visually stunning and high-quality image. Thanks to automatic brightness adjustment and elegant glass material, the product offers aesthetics and practicality.< /p>


Wireless installation ensures a quick setup process for seamless operation. With Ajax apps providing low battery alerts, your security will never be compromised. To ensure uninterrupted operation of the device, connect it to a 12 Vdc power supply for greater autonomy. The pre-installed batteries serve as a reliable backup.

Fully covered by Wings and Jeweller

Jeweller: Use device ping to view the real-time status of devices and to broadcast alarms, events, and all measurements in Ajax apps. The protocol uses encryption and authentication to avoid forgery.
Wings: is a backup communication channel. It is designed to transfer large data packets, mainly for individual settings, such as interface languages and firmware updates.

Complete and adaptable solution

ReX 2 ensures stable communication even through steel and concrete via Ethernet using the cable as the additional communication channel. Up to 5 repeaters can operate within an Ajax system to expand the network twice as large, covering underground car parks, basements and metal hangars.

Remote access rights management

Change access rights and live codes in Ajax apps. Compromised codes can be changed remotely in minutes. The installer does not need to visit the plant.

Intuitive setup and installation

It's easy to pair the KeyPad TouchScreen with a hub: just scan the QR code. There is no need to disassemble the case or install the battery. PRO Desktop is available for professional monitoring.


Model: KeyPad TouchScreen
Color: White
HUB Compatibility: Hub 2 (2G), Hub 2 (4G), Hub 2 Plus, Hub Hybrid (2G), Hub Hybrid (4G)
REX Compatibility: REX2
Working frequencies: 868.0 – 868.6 MHz
Maximum effective radiated power (ERP): up to 20mW (Automatic power control to reduce power consumption and noise interference)
Radio signal modulation: GFSK
Maximum distance: 1.7Km (Between the hub and connected devices in an open field. The maximum range depends on the connected devices and may vary)
Encryption: all saved and transmitted data are protected by block encryption with dynamic key
Frequency hopping: to prevent radio interference and radio signal interception
Display: 5" diagonal
Matrix type: IPS
Resolution: 480x854px
Sensor: Capacitive
Brightness setting: automatic, manual
Backlight life: 30000 hours
Interface color: black background, white background
Panic buttons: panic, fire, emergency help
Control: codes, Pass card, Tag key, smartphone via bluetooth
Contactless access: DESFire EV1, EV2 / ISO14443-А (13.56 MHz)
Access codes: up to 200 (1 per user, depends on HUB version), 1 keypad code
Duress codes: up to 200 (1 per user, depends on HUB version) , 1 keypad code
Codes for unregistered users: up to 99 personal codes (depends on the HUB version)
Malfunction indicator: sound indication, screen, logo
Alarm silencing fire prevention: yes
Application: internal
Anti-tamper systems: Anti-counterfeiting protection, Inhibition detection, Detection of attempted unauthorized access
Connection loss detection: within 36 s
Batteries: 6 x AA (included)
Battery life: up to 1.5 years (with default settings and up to 4 keyboard interactions per day)
Working voltage: 10.5 - 14 Vdc, up to 0.4 Аh
Dimensions: 172 × 82 × 26 mm
Weight: 327gr
Working temperature: -10 / +40°C
Maximum humidity: 75%


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