White DoubleButton Ajax panic button

White DoubleButton Ajax panic button

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White DoubleButton Ajax panic button

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White DoubleButton Ajax wireless emergency button

No accidental alarms because to trigger the alarm, you need to press both buttons. The buttons are rigid and separated by a plastic divider. This prevents false alarms when you keep DoubleButton in your pocket or bag.

No unnecessary patrol intervention

DoubleButton supports alarm confirmation. This feature requires users to decide which sequence of presses is needed to generate a confirmed alarm. It provides complete assurance that an alarm is triggered intentionally and only by an authorized user.

Guaranteed alarm communication

The emergency button transmits a signal to the hub via the Jeweler two-way radio protocol, communicating up to a distance of 1300 meters. A flashing LED verifies the successful delivery of the DoubleButton alarm. Jeweler encrypts the transmitted data. In case of signal interference or radio frequency inhibition, the Ajax system changes the radio frequency and notifies the user and the security company about the situation.

PRO-technological solution for any system

DoubleButton corresponds to the requirements of European professional safety standards and can be used in both private and commercial properties. The wireless connection with a hub and a wide communication range offer freedom of positioning the system and the possibility of taking DoubleButton with you.

More than a simple alarm

Triggering an alarm is DoubleButton's primary function. But not the only one. By transmitting an alarm signal, the emergency button can activate all or specific sirens in the system. Furthermore, it can perform automation scenarios: activate a smoke machine, close electric locks, lower shutters.

Effortless maintenance

The body of the device is resistant to extreme temperatures, dust and splashes. The buttons resist thousands of clicks. With a pre-installed battery that lasts up to 5 years, DoubleButton requires no maintenance for a long period of time.

Simple connection

Add DoubleButton to a system and perform configuration, all with Ajax PRO, an app for engineers. It is not necessary to disassemble the body: simply fix the device to the surface with Holder. Or hang it on a key ring or lanyard. A few moments, the emergency button is ready for use.


Model: DoubleButton
Color: White
Sensor Type: Wireless Emergency Button
Compatibility: Works with all Ajax HUBs and REX Repeaters running OS Malevich 2.10 and later
Prevention false alarms: yes
Number of buttons: 2
Alarm transmission time: max 0.15s
Alarm type: Intrusion, Fire, Emergency help, Panic button, Gas leak alarm, Malfunction , Flooding, Custom (If you select Custom, event notifications will not be sent to the alarm receiving center of the security company and via SMS to system users)
Working frequencies: 866.0 – 866.5 MHz, 868.0 – 868.6 MHz, 868.7 – 869.2 MHz, 905.0 – 926.5 MHz, 915.85 – 926.5 MHz, 921.0 – 922.0 MHz
Maximum effective radiated power (ERP): up to 20mW (Automatic power control to reduce power consumption and noise interference)
Radio signal modulation: GFSK
Maximum distance: 1.3Km
Encryption: all data saved and transmitted are protected by block encryption with dynamic key
Skip of frequency: to prevent radio interference and radio signal interception
Power supply: 1 x CR2032 lithium 3V
Battery life: up to 5 years
Operating temperature: -10 / +40° C
Maximum humidity: 75%
Protection class: IP55
Dimension: 47 x 35 x 16mm
Weight: 17gr


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