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MotionCam PhOD Ajax motion detector white

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MotionCam PhOD Ajax motion detector white

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MotionCam PhOD Ajax motion detector white

Wireless motion detector that supports Photo Alarm and Photo On Demand functions. Special optical system with a software filter against false alarms in motion detectors. Together with professional installation, this guarantees high detection accuracy.

Special lenses

The pattern of the Fresnel lens sections is designed so that the infrared radiation patterns of a human, an animal, and thermal noise have significant differences. Large sections of the lens capture radiation at the head and trunk of an adult. Smaller sections make the diagram more detailed. The MotionCam lens provides the detector with precise information about the thermal object present in the detection area and the nature of its movement.

Professional installation

Installing MotionCam in the right spot, at the best height and perpendicular to the likely intruder access path ensures an informative heat diagram. This significantly improves the detection accuracy. Professional installation makes the pet immunity function more effective.

Thermal interference filter

The detector instantly analyzes the thermal diagram of the sensor: the intensity of infrared radiation, the size of the heat spot, the speed of movement, the time spent in the protected zone and other parameters. Ajax engineers analyzed thousands of IR sensor activations caused by humans, animals and thermal interference and developed SmartDetect. The software algorithm identifies false alarm indications instantly and with extreme precision. As a result, the detector reacts precisely in the presence of a human and does not bother the user with false alarms.

Temperature compensation

Temperature compensation is a software mechanism that maintains the contrast of the thermal pattern even if the ambient temperature is similar to the human body temperature. At each temperature measurement in the room, the detector corrects the PIR sensor data based on the coefficient table stored in its memory. The detector is efficient over the entire operating temperature range.

Sensitivity level

By adjusting the sensitivity, the detector adapts to the conditions of a particular room, considering possible thermal interference or pets. Changing the sensitivity setting affects the markers by which false alarms are filtered.

With low sensitivity, the detector will be less likely to respond to a pet, even a very active one. While with high sensitivity, it will trigger the alarm for any movement in the detection area. Sensitivity can be set in the Ajax app both on site and remotely.

Peace of mind on request

MotionCam (PhOD) takes a few seconds to show the real situation in the system and dispel the user's doubts in the event of an alarm. It takes just one click in the Ajax app to take a photo on demand. Additionally, the detector will take a series of photos when it captures motion or when the FireProtect 2 (Heat/Smoke) or FireProtect 2 (Heat/Smoke/CO) fire detectors are activated.

Advantages of photo verification

If in doubt, system users can check what is happening on site. No need to wait for an alarm. Just open the app, select the detector and see the situation at home in seconds.

According to statistics, almost half of fire alarms are false. Visual verification of fire alarms has already become a worldwide practice. MotionCam automatically takes photos when FireProtect 2 (Heat/Smoke) or FireProtect 2 (Heat/Smoke/CO) detectors activate. The fire brigade's alarm reception center can receive the photos and assess the situation in a few seconds.

Up to 70% of false alarms occur while the security system is disarmed. With MotionCam, system users and security company technicians can verify within seconds whether an alarm is real and respond accordingly.

Both system users and the rapid response patrol need to clearly understand what is happening in the facility in the event of an alarm. MotionCam shows how many intruders are armed and whether they are still in the room. This helps the security institution's patrol prepare and protects users from danger.

A series of animated photos provide law enforcement with descriptions of intruders, without wasting time. MotionCam takes photos of intruders even in complete darkness, thanks towith IR backlight. The chances of catching thieves in the act are higher.

Privacy as an absolute priority

MotionCam is designed to control security, not privacy. Photos are protected from prying eyes at the detector, system and software level. Exclusive wireless technologies. The MotionCam Jeweler detector uses two radio protocols simultaneously: Jeweler for alarms and Wings to transmit photos. Jeweler guarantees immediate delivery of alarms, while Wings delivers the first photo in just 9 seconds. Even with communication interruptions and a weak signal. The communication range with the hub can reach 1700 meters, so the detector can be easily installed where it will be most effective.

Intuitive installation and connection

The MotionCam detector can be added to your Ajax security system in just a few clicks. Open the Ajax app, scan the QR code and assign the detector to a room. There is no need to disassemble the detector housing. The SmartBracket mounting panel allows you to securely install the detector on a flat surface or in a corner.


Model: MotionCam PhOD
Color: white
Connection type: wireless, proprietary wireless communication technology for the transmission of alarms and events
Working frequencies: 866.0 – 866.5 MHz, 868.0 – 868.6 MHz, 868.7 – 869.2 MHz, 905.0 – 926.5 MHz, 915.85 – 926.5 MHz, 921.0 – 922.0 MHz
Maximum effective radiated power (ERP): up to 20mW (Automatic power control to reduce power consumption and noise interference)
Radio signal modulation: GFSK
Maximum distance: 1.7Km (Between the hub and connected devices in an open field. The maximum range depends on the connected devices and may vary)
Ping interval: 12 to 300 sec
Encryption: All saved and transmitted data is protected by dynamic key block encryption
Frequency hopping: To prevent radio interference and radio signal interception
Installation: indoor use
Detection distance: 12m max
Detection angle: vertical 80°, horizontal 88.5°
Detection speed: from 0.3 to 2.0 m/ s. The detector lens must be positioned perpendicular to the path you take when entering the room.
Sensitivity: adjustable on 3 levels
Pet immunity: 20kg in weight, 50cm in height/length
Setting temperature operation: -10 / +40°C
Photo for alarm: integrated camera activates if the detector is armed and detects movement, from 1 to 5 frames (depends on resolution)
Photo on request: l The user takes a photo at any time or when the detector is armed (depends on the settings). Feature disabled by default
Photo by scenario: The detector takes photos automatically when Ajax fire detectors are engaged. Function disabled by default settings
Frame resolutions: 640x480 pixels
IR lighting: yes
Photo delivery times: within 20 seconds (depends on resolution)
Installation height: 2.4m recommended
Anti-tamper systems: Anti-counterfeiting protection, Inhibition detection, Resistant to tampering
Connection loss communication: within 36 seconds
Power supply: 2 x CR123A lithium 3V
Battery life: up to 4 years without photo, up to 3 years with photo
Dimensions: 135 × 70 × 60 mm
Weight: 167 gr
Waterproof: IP50
Max humidity: 75%


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